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BACOUSTICS is the Rutgers University undergraduate bassoon ensemble comprised of students enrolled at the Mason Gross School of the Arts studying the bassoon. Students involved in the ensemble learn the necessary skills needed to play the bassoon successfully in a coached chamber music setting. The ensemble is committed to raising "bassoon awareness" within the community and providing educational outreach concerts at schools throughout the state of New Jersey as well as neighboring New York and Pennsylvania.  

In the pursuit of expanding the limited repertoire for bassoon ensemble, BACOUSTICS has commissioned and performed numerous original compositions and arrangements. Of the more notorious world premiere performances, BACOUSTICS  was at the forefront of the “Double Reed Flash Mob” at the 2014 International Double Reed Society Conference in New York City.  

In the summer of 2016, BACOUSTICS began a new tradition, trekking eastward across the pond to make their international debut at BASSOONAPALOOZA! as a part of the Summer Music in Tuscany Chamber Music Festival. They returned in 2017, premiering two new arrangements, Villa-Lobos' Bachianas Brasileiras n. 5 with esteemed mezzo-soprano, Angela Niederloh (Portland State University, Oregon), and Weber's Andante e Rondo Ungarese with the eminent Sebastian Stevensson (Principal Bassoon with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra). 

BACOUSTICS has performed with the Rutgers Wind Ensemble, Rutgers Wind Symphony, Eastern Wind Symphony, and this year, BACOUSTICS premiered Christopher Kaminski's Flamingo Rising with the Rutgers Sinfonia!

Formed in 2013, BACOUSTICS is under the direction of Dr. Christopher Wickham, woodwind faculty at Rutgers University. 


World premiere performance of Chris Kaminski's "Flamingo Rising" for 5 bassoons, contra, antiphonal bassoon choir, and orchestra performed by the Rutgers University BACOUSTICS Ensemble and Sinfonia orchestra. Dr. Christopher Wickham, director
The Rutgers University Undergraduate Bassoon Ensemble, BACOUSTICS, is committed to providing educational outreach concerts to schools in our community! For more information on our upcoming tours or to book the BACOUSTICS Ensemble for an upcoming concert email Dr. Wickham @ christopherwickham@gmail.com
Members of the Rutgers University Undergraduate Bassoon Ensemble, BACOUSTICS, discuss the some of the pros of being part of the bassoon program at Mason Gross School of the Arts. Director, Dr. Christopher Wickham.






Arzan Legacy is about combining two styles of music together, the octatonic mournfulness of James Barnes and heavy metal. During one semester of Wind Ensemble at Rutgers, we played  James Barnes' Third Symphony, and I immediately fell in love with the piece: the harmonic language, the use of the octatonic scale, the extreme emotions that were put into the music, and many other aspects of the piece. I was also listening to my favorite heavy metal band, Periphery. Periphery has many songs that have 9 beat patterns, 5-eighth note patterns, or other patterns that are put over 4/4, and the rhythmic displacement of each of these patterns is really cool. All in all, I tried to combine the octatonic language of James Barnes with the rhythmic qualities of Periphery. 

- Christopher Kaminski

Arzan Legacy is available for purchase on the composer's website: http://www.waterelephantmusic.com/


Flamingo Rising is a piece that is inspired by the sounds of flamingos. If you have not heard that sound before, it actually sounds similar to a crow on a bassoon reed. I attempted to treat the flamingo sounds and the reed crow as musical sounds. The six soloists throughout the piece play quick little lines, similar to bird calls, while the antiphonal bassoon choir acts like an army of flamingos surrounding the audience. The opening bassoon solo calls out to the woodwinds, who respond with their own bird calls. Finally, after all of the birds have awakened from their sleep, they all beginning to soar together.  

- Christopher Kaminski




Beatles, The - Eleanor Rigby (5 Bassoons + Contra) | Austin Durham

Beethoven, Ludwig van - Selections from Symphony No. 5 (5 Bassoons + Contra) | Thomas Bourgault 

Daft Punk - Get Lucky (5 Bassoons + Contra) | Thomas Bourgault

Dukas, Paul - Selections from The Sorcerer's Apprentice (5 Bassoons + Contra) | Thomas Bourgault

Jules, Gary - Mad World (5 Bassoons + Contra) | Austin Durham

Khachaturian, Aram - Sabre Dance from the ballet Gayane (5 Bassoons + Contra) | Austin Durham

Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicolai - Flight of the Bumble Bee (8 Bassoons) | Thomas Bourgault

Rimsky-Korsakov - Flight of the Bumble Bee (Wind Ensemble + 5 Bassoons + Contra) | Thomas Bourgault

Strauss, Richard - Intro from Also Sprach Zarathustra (5 Bassoons + Contra) | Thomas Bourgault

Traditional - 12 Days of Reedmas (5 Bassoons + Contra with opt. SATB voices) | Thomas Bourgault

Villa-Lobos, Hector - Bachianas Brasileiras n. 5 (Bassoons + mezzo-soprano) | Thomas Bourgault

Weber, Carl Maria von - Andante e Rondo Ungarese, Op. 35, J. 158 (5 Bassoons + Contra) | Thomas Bourgault
Commissioned for BACOUSTICS for the Summer Music in Tuscany, 2017

Weissenborn, Julius - Serenade and Tea Time Dance (Wind Ensemble + 5 Bassoons + Contra) | Thomas Bourgault