BACOUSTICS is hitting the road!

2016 Promotional Tour Poster

Committed to promoting all things bassoon, we're currently open for bookings for this upcoming educational outreach tour mid-December.  We have THREE (3) openings left!

We aspire to inspire the young bassoonists in your music program through sharing our joy of bassoonery!  Whether you have a strong bassoon section or are looking to build one from scratch, we’d love to visit and play for/with you!  Each concert will be tailored to suit the needs of your program.  

Our current concert program is new and exciting, full of new arrangements and pieces.  BACOUSTICS is bigger than ever, so even if we've visited your program in the past, you can expect a whole new show!  

Send your students off to winter break truly inspired and excited about music and the bassoon!  

To schedule a BACOUSTICS visit, please email