BACOUSTICS has a fun and informative opportunity for you!

We're opening our doors on November 11th from 4 to 7PM to prospective incoming MGSA undergraduates!  We invite you to join us for our weekly Afternoon of Bassoon rehearsal and reed class.  

If you get lost, I highly recommend picking up the RU Maps app.  Rutgers is comprised of 5 different campuses and chances are the map app will come in handy a time or two during your tenure at Rutgers, trekking back and forth to Livi & Busch for Gen Ed courses!

Get the inside scoop of what it's like to be involved with BACOUSTICS as an undergraduate at Mason Gross School of the Arts (MGSA), Rutgers University.  Play with us in rehearsal as we prepare for our upcoming tour and recital.  Bring your reed tools and chip away at your reeds with an amazingly fun group of new friends!

We'll have information packets about our program and scholarship opportunities.  You can also forge new relationships with BACOUSTICS which can be beneficial as you narrow down your collegiate options.

As a reminder, we do have a Doubler Ensemble, so even if you're not a bassoonist (yet) but have an interest in adding it to your toolbox, stop on by!  


RSVP to our Facebook Event page to stay informed of announcements leading up to the rehearsal.