Move over crows, we're FLAMINGOing!

Do you know what you're doing next Saturday evening? We do!

It's the bassoon event of the season and surely you're as excited as we are. SURELY! 

We are incredibly honored to premiere Flamingo Rising by MGSA undergraduate composer, and soon-to-be Michigan State Spartan (We're super proud of him!), Christopher Kaminski! As you may recall, Chris was the first winner of our Annual Composition and Arrangement Competition last year with Arzan Legacy. 

Of the piece, Kaminski writes:

Flamingo Rising is a piece that is inspired by the sounds of flamingos. If you have not heard that sound before, it actually sounds similar to a crow on a bassoon reed. I attempted to treat the flamingo sounds and the reed crow as musical sounds. 

The six soloists throughout the piece play quick little lines, similar to bird calls, while the antiphonal bassoon choir acts like an army of flamingos surrounding the audience. The opening bassoon solo calls out to the woodwinds, who respond with their own bird calls. Finally, after all of the birds have awakened from their sleep, they all begin to soar together.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Maestro Kynan Johns and the Rutgers Sinfonia in affording us the opportunity to present this piece on April 22, 2017. 

We can't wait to see you there! (Look out for our pinkest of pink reeds!) ;-)