Ciao from Sarteano, Italy!

These are our "traveling" faces. (Some of us are a bit more excited than others about the bajillion hour travel day.)

These are our "traveling" faces. (Some of us are a bit more excited than others about the bajillion hour travel day.)

We've been having an absolutely amazing time in Italy, participating in the Summer Music in Tuscany Chamber Music Festival and BASSOONAPALOOZA!

We've been pretty on top of sharing pictures and videos of our adventures on Facebook-- if you haven't checked it out, please do! 

WEEK ONE was... well... AMAZING! This was the week we've all been preparing for and included the premieres of our two commissions for this special occasion: Villa-Lobos' Bachianas Brasileiras n. 5 featuring the supremely fabulous Angela Niederloh AND Weber's Andante e Rondo Ungarese featuring none other than Sebastian Stevensson!

But, let's backtrack a bit...

We spent the entire week in rehearsals, lessons, and reed workshops. We also spent the entire week breaking bread over some of the most delicious Italian cuisine! On Wednesday, we trekked to the nearby Montepulciano for a bit of sight-seeing and enjoyed the delightful singing of the vocalists of the program while we abbiamo pranzato (ate lunch)! 

We'll probably make a "look what we did!" video, but in the meantime, here are a few pictures of the fun we had! 

On Sunday, most of us headed back down to Rome before bidding adieu... err... bidding addio to Italia. BUT, a few of us are still here and we've continued to have an excellent time! More about that to come. Until then, we'll always have Facebook! 

Ciao, amici!

Taco Taco BURRITO Bowl!

Taco Taco BURRITO Bowl!

Make dinner a selfless act by joining us for a fundraiser to support Bacoustics. Come in to the Chipotle at 387 George St in New Brunswick on Sunday, June 4th between 5:00pm and 9:00pm. Bring in this flyer, show it on your smartphone or tell the cashier you’re supporting the cause to make sure that 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Bacoustics.

BACOUSTICS TOUR: Spring 2017 Edition

We embarked upon another Educational Outreach Tour this week!

Initially slated to tour South Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area, we altered our plans and visited four schools in our own backyard: Hillsborough Middle School, Westfield High School, Edison Intermediate School, and Roosevelt Intermediate School.

With Austin, Amanda, Scott, Michael T, Connor, Maria, Aidan, Michael M, and Dr. Wickham in tow, BACOUSTICS educated and entertained through song, speech, and our sheer joy of all things Bassooon!

We're currently working on compiling an overview video, but in the mean time, we invite you to enjoy a few of our photos (more can be found on instagram and facebook).

Move over crows, we're FLAMINGOing!

Do you know what you're doing next Saturday evening? We do!

It's the bassoon event of the season and surely you're as excited as we are. SURELY! 

We are incredibly honored to premiere Flamingo Rising by MGSA undergraduate composer, and soon-to-be Michigan State Spartan (We're super proud of him!), Christopher Kaminski! As you may recall, Chris was the first winner of our Annual Composition and Arrangement Competition last year with Arzan Legacy. 

Of the piece, Kaminski writes:

Flamingo Rising is a piece that is inspired by the sounds of flamingos. If you have not heard that sound before, it actually sounds similar to a crow on a bassoon reed. I attempted to treat the flamingo sounds and the reed crow as musical sounds. 

The six soloists throughout the piece play quick little lines, similar to bird calls, while the antiphonal bassoon choir acts like an army of flamingos surrounding the audience. The opening bassoon solo calls out to the woodwinds, who respond with their own bird calls. Finally, after all of the birds have awakened from their sleep, they all begin to soar together.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Maestro Kynan Johns and the Rutgers Sinfonia in affording us the opportunity to present this piece on April 22, 2017. 

We can't wait to see you there! (Look out for our pinkest of pink reeds!) ;-)


Our first official plaque! We're pretty excited about it!

Our first official plaque! We're pretty excited about it!

Good Golly, we sure were busy this past weekend!

On Saturday, we had a blast as the mid-day entertainment for the 2017 Metropolitan Wind Band Invitational held at Roxbury High School! At the conclusion of our set, we invited all of the bassoonists participating throughout the day to join us on stage for a rousing grand finale of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky!" An AMAZING time was had by all!

Top: Warming up Bottom: The "Get Lucky" ensemble-- BACOUSTICS plus all MWBI High School bassoonists

Top: Warming up
Bottom: The "Get Lucky" ensemble-- BACOUSTICS plus all MWBI High School bassoonists

The very next day, we had the joy of returning to our ol' stomping grounds, i.e. Mason Gross, to perform at the Woodwind Extravaganza. As you can imagine, we were pretty fabulous! 

Top: Doublers! Middle: BACOUSTICS! Bottom: Warming up in our super sweet digs!

Top: Doublers!
Bottom: Warming up in our super sweet digs!


Music Educators in South Jersey and the Philadelphia area, we're headed your way this Spring!

As you may already know, each year BACOUSTICS goes out on tour to share our joy of Bassoonery!  Our visits are a ton of fun, informative, and engaging.

Performaces | Masterclasses | Presentations | Side-by-side playing -- We accommodate your needs and requests.  

If you're not familiar with what we do, we invite you to watch our video of last year's tour!

The Rutgers University Undergraduate Bassoon Ensemble, BACOUSTICS, is committed to providing educational outreach concerts to schools in our community! For more information on our upcoming tours or to book the BACOUSTICS Ensemble for an upcoming concert email Dr. Wickham @ christopherwickham@gmail.com

*If you are a Music Educator not in our targeted region for this tour but would like to be placed on our Standing Room Only list, if you will, let us know!  Our goal is to reach 20 schools!

2017: Everything is going to be Amazing!


We are so excited about the many prospects awaiting us this year(!), but before we get to them, let's reflect on the many highlights of the year most recently expired.

Early in the year in February, we gave the World Premiere of Flight of the Bumblebee, arranged for BACOUSTICS and wind ensemble at the NJ All State festival, performing with the Rutgers Wind Ensemble.  Shortly thereafter, Imani Winds had a week long residency at Rutgers.  The students had the opportunity to not only play with Monica Ellis in master class, but to also perform alongside her in another performance of Flight of the Bumblebee with the Rutgers Symphonic Winds. 

Later in the Spring in May, we went on tour, visiting 11 schools!  

June was a particularly busy month for us!  We hopped on a train and headed up to the city to join forces with the double reed studios at NYU (hosted by Matt Sullivan and Kaitlyn Walker) as part of Make Music New York!  

This was shortly followed by our benefit concert where we raised a bit of last minute funds for BASSOONAPALOOZA!

A few days later, we also had the opportunity to perform Flight of the Bumblebee with the Eastern Wind Symphony!

Italy, Italy, ITALY!  July saw the inaugural international installment of BASSOONAPALOOZA!  Joining forces with Summer Music in Tuscany, we were able to work with guest artist Sebastian Stevensson of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra!

In October, we had a great time at Rutgers Woodwind Day, debuting our amazing T-shirts and temporary tattoos (both of which are available for purchase!) 

This Fall we also hosted our 2nd Annual MGSA Undergraduate Composition and Arrangement Competition!  The winners were announced at our first UBER: Undergraduate Bassoon Ensemble Recital, held on December 7th!  The winners were Austin Durham and John Boracci!  We closed out the year with another mini-tour, visiting Wall Township High School and Bridgewater Middle School.

2016 was quite the fun-filled, bassoony year, and it ought to be quite the adventure as we try to top it this year!  

Winter's Greetings and we wish you a Happy New Year!

Did you catch the UBER?


On December 7th, BACOUSTICS hosted it's very own UBER-- Undergraduate Bassoon Ensemble Recital!  We were thrilled to welcome home recent graduate, Jon LiVolsi, who brilliantly played alongside BACOUSTICS throughout the night.

The evening was both AMAZING fun and served as a training ground for all those involved-- from a run of jury pieces for the undergrads to the master class with BACOUSTICS for the High School and Middle School students on their region solos.  

The night also saw THREE World Premieres!  As you may recall, we hosted the 2nd Annual BACOUSTICS Composition/Arrangement Competition this year and we announced/performed the WINNERS at UBER!  Join us as we congratulate this year's winners, Austin Durham and John Boracci!  We also projected the Premiere of our annual Holiday Video, 12 Days of Reedmas! 

To close out the night, all bassoonists played a few Christmas arrangements to end the event in a massive bassoonist extravaganza!


Solo Performances by members of Dr. Wickham's Rutgers University Bassoon Studio

Adolf Bergt, Trio: I. Allegro vivace
Amanda Eider, Michael Tatoris, and Connor Babos

Bernard Garfield, Three Brief Interludes: I. Allegro con brio
Austin Durham, bassoon & Michael Martin, contrabassoon

Austin Durham, Congruent Schism

John Boracci, Encounter and Duel
Austin Durham, Amanda Eider, Michael Tatoris, Jon LiVolsi, Connor Babos, bassoons
Michael Martin, contrabassoon

Walter E. Miles, Heart Beat Waltz
Aiden Furlong, Moriah Kam, Alice Kong, Brianna Markus, Owen Nicholas

Ignacio Cervantes, Two Cuban Dances
Ethan Melamed, Soil Shaw

Alan Ridout, Pigs
Hannah Golding, Emma Piedilato, Patrick Liu, Maria Palacios, Sneha Sivaram

Solo Performances by Members of Dr. Wickham's High School and Middle School Private Bassoon Studio

2016 BACOUSTICS HOLIDAY VIDEO (music by Thomas Bourgault)

Thomas Bourgault, Tchaikovsky for BACOUSTICS
conducted by Zachary Feingold, BACOUSTICS Graduate Assistant/Conductor

Grand Finale
RU BACOUSTICS, High School, and Middle School Bassoon Students
Performance of Holiday Arrangements by Kathy Kendle and Elana Segal



BACOUSTICS has a fun and informative opportunity for you!

We're opening our doors on November 11th from 4 to 7PM to prospective incoming MGSA undergraduates!  We invite you to join us for our weekly Afternoon of Bassoon rehearsal and reed class.  

If you get lost, I highly recommend picking up the RU Maps app.  Rutgers is comprised of 5 different campuses and chances are the map app will come in handy a time or two during your tenure at Rutgers, trekking back and forth to Livi & Busch for Gen Ed courses!

Get the inside scoop of what it's like to be involved with BACOUSTICS as an undergraduate at Mason Gross School of the Arts (MGSA), Rutgers University.  Play with us in rehearsal as we prepare for our upcoming tour and recital.  Bring your reed tools and chip away at your reeds with an amazingly fun group of new friends!

We'll have information packets about our program and scholarship opportunities.  You can also forge new relationships with BACOUSTICS which can be beneficial as you narrow down your collegiate options.

As a reminder, we do have a Doubler Ensemble, so even if you're not a bassoonist (yet) but have an interest in adding it to your toolbox, stop on by!  


RSVP to our Facebook Event page to stay informed of announcements leading up to the rehearsal.


Would you like your very own BACOUSTICS T-shirt? If so, you're in luck!

We're currently taking orders for our Fall 2016 T-shirt. Each shirt is $20 and are available in sizes S-3XL.

You can order by reaching out to us via message to our facebook page, email to christopherwickham@gmail.com, OR, if you'd like to order through your favorite BACOUSTICS member, contact them directly.

All proceeds go towards funding our multiple projects throughout the year (tours, recordings, concerts, etc) as well as our major annual pilgrimage to Italy in the summer for BASSOONAPALOOZA!


BACOUSTICS is hitting the road!

2016 Promotional Tour Poster

Committed to promoting all things bassoon, we're currently open for bookings for this upcoming educational outreach tour mid-December.  We have THREE (3) openings left!

We aspire to inspire the young bassoonists in your music program through sharing our joy of bassoonery!  Whether you have a strong bassoon section or are looking to build one from scratch, we’d love to visit and play for/with you!  Each concert will be tailored to suit the needs of your program.  

Our current concert program is new and exciting, full of new arrangements and pieces.  BACOUSTICS is bigger than ever, so even if we've visited your program in the past, you can expect a whole new show!  

Send your students off to winter break truly inspired and excited about music and the bassoon!  

To schedule a BACOUSTICS visit, please email christopherwickham@gmail.com.  







In our efforts to expand the the repertoire for Bassoon Ensemble, last year, BACOUSTICS hosted the inaugural MGSA Undergraduate Composition & Arrangement Competition.  If you've clicked around on the webpage (www.cwreeds.com/bacoustics), you're undoubtedly aware that our first winning piece was Christopher Kaminski's Arzan Legacy.

This year, we're continuing the MGSA Competition and adding a second competition open to high school students throughout the United States (yes, even Hawaii)!   

If you're not a composer, we encourage you to dabble with arranging!  (+10 to anyone willing to tackle a Hamilton Medley!)

We're extremely excited to see what this year's competitions have in store for us!  


INSTRUMENTATION: 5 bassoons and contrabassoon
LENGTH: approximately 5 minutes

Winners will be selected by members of BACOUSTICS and Dr. Christopher Wickham (me!) based on creativity, compositional integrity, and knowledge and treatment of the bassoon.

Entries must be submitted as PDFs and MP3 by JANUARY 1, 2017.  Send files to christopherwickham@gmail.com.

Winners of the HS competition will receive a live performance of their piece by BACOUSTICS!  All entrants will receive a video recording of a read-through of their piece.    

A New Season and Woodwind Day

BACOUSTICS having a bit of fun during their WEEK 1 photo shoot!

As you may have noticed, BACOUSTICS and I have been quite busy at the start of this 2016-2017 school year!  I've been actively working with the amazing undergraduates at Rutgers in the past few years and we've added so many new elements to the program and I can't wait to share everything with you!

For now, I'd like to direct your attention to the more immediate event on our docket, WOODWIND DAY! 


This year's Rutgers Woodwind Day is earlier than it has been in years past-- OCTOBER 23, 2016. Yes, that's this upcoming Sunday!  While there are several exciting things happening at this year's event, you're really going to want to follow the happenings of BACOUSTICS.  

We're starting the day by performing on the morning Faculty and Student Showcase Recital (11:30-1pm).  We have a few pieces planned.  First, Amanda, Connor, and Michael T. will perform a movement from the Bergt Trio.  Patrick and Michael M. will join the oboes in an arrangement of Handel's The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba from Solomon.  To close the show, BACOUSTICS will be joined by the Doubler Ensemble and the newest addition to the faculty of the music education program at MGSA, Stephanie Cronenberg!  (... and, we *might* have a special encore planned... *wink wink*)

Following the morning concert, we're going to be hanging out at the booth you DEFINITELY won't want to miss in the exhibits room, RH104.  Not only will we have a steady stream of our performance videos playing, we'll also have a plethora of printed information, a chance to order your very own BACOUSTICS T-shirt (online ordering slated to be available soon... in the meantime, if you'd like to be included in this order, send me an email and I'll help you get your name on the list), and you can even brand yourself with a BACOUSTICS "B" temporary tattoo!

We'll be working on reeds and posing for photos throughout the day when we're not playing.  We hope you'll join us for the day!